Entry #146

Interesting Newgrounds Links

2017-05-30 14:57:00 by Whirlguy

Here's a list of Newgrounds newsposts I came across and found particularly interesting and/or resourceful. What sets these journals apart from most other journals is they are very detailed and specific about their subjects. I also took the liberty to include some documenting of my own.

I'll be adding more stuff here.


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2017-05-31 22:24:40

Damn, I gotta clean my post up somehow, used to be good at making outlines in grade school.
Include Painbringer's birthday list/blog/thingy, maybe Art 101 blog, idk, sure are a lot to choose from.
...Wade should make a blog or a thread about metal detecting.

Whirlguy responds:

All of those are some great recommendations! I didn't even know the user Art101 before. From what I noticed just about every post of his is worth adding to the pile. Hmm wade last posted in 2015, does he still come here anymore?


2017-06-07 02:23:20

Not sure, but I think Ornery or Renaenae set Art101 up a while ago, or took it over. Huh, Wade likely posted something about a snowstorm, and that was the last we saw of him on the site, but he likely PM's and admins every day of the week here behind the scenes. He's got a twitter or instagram of his metalurkings that he keeps updated.