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Holy shit there's some good music on Newgrounds. I'm sure you're already aware of this but I'm talking more than just sweet tunes. In this post I will go through some of my favorite songs and talk about some of the music theory. I will be observing time signatures and perhaps some scales. With a little luck I may discover something cool or learn something new. I will expanding on this list in the future.

This song has Nine Inch Nails written all over it, but it's so much more than an epic moody industrial metal song. The time signatures in this piece are amazing. Jumping from a 5/4 intro to a 2-step rest. Back to 5/4 for the chorus, pausing for 2 bars in a 7/4 signature ambience and moving into a 7/4 verse. After the verse there's a 6/4 switch to the bridge, a 4-step rest, a 5/4 chorus, another 2-step rest and that's where it gets even more interesting! The song continues in a steady 7/4, where it somehow re-introduces the intro (5/4) and chorus (5/4) without sounding weird at all. On top of that it's all written in the odd scale of D#-Phrygian and to top it all off the lyrics and mixing are great. Damn, this piece is nothing short of amazing.

In truth, this song is entirely in 4/4 but many of the instruments play in 3/4 compound times for almost the entire duration of the song. Especially once the breakdown hits after the first chorus it severely confused me. One might argue the breakdown hits with a 3/4 intro, alternates between several odd time measures for 64 counts from there and then gets back into the verse. It does sound that way at first, but that's not the case! What actually happens is the "3/4 intro" extends into a 4th count and delivers a kick drum which fools us into thinking we're at the start of a new bar. That being false, the song continues in 4/4 and this kick is simply premature; It hits a whole note earlier than usual! Then at the next bar nothing happens during counts 1, 2 and at 3 there finally is the long awaited snare, exactly where it should be. This continues to repeat throughout the rest of the breakdown making for some very chill but bizarre rhythms.

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