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Dude this is great! very replayable haha! When'd you make this anyway? I don't remember seeing you work on this. Congrats on the frontpage feature :D

jessejayjones responds:

Thanks! It's a dumb thing I made in a day, for celebrating 20k subs on YouTube. It was fun to work on! :)

Holy shit this is the most amazing thing I've seen all year. The animation is very crude at times, but it just comes to show that amazing graphics are not an absolute requirement to be an excellent animator. Most of these short stories are absolutely unpredictable and creepy as fuck. The expressions and transformations in your cartoon are spot on. I also really love the sound effects. Initially I thought the closer the animation got to the end, you weren't going to be able to impress me with number #10, but that closer surpassed all my expectations! It literally made my hair stand on end. The monster in that part is one of the best fucking things I've ever seen on Newgrounds, no lie. SO FUCK YEAH! Keep making stuff! I really hope you'll end up as #1 this round. I'm thoroughly impressed.

This was mostly just sketches and linework when I last saw you on twitch. Turned out great! Very expressive postures and great job coloring!

jessejayjones responds:

Thank you so much man! It's great hanging with you on Twitch! :D

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Ha! I just happened to come across the sequal

I didn't really expect the sequal to be this soon! From what I've seen, you made a big progress compared to the last flash. The stages look alot better, and so does the main character. However, it still is very confusing to play. It may even be more confusing than the last game you've made.

My advice:
- I didn't complete the game, the reason for this is that you made it too confusing for me. It would be less confusing if there would be objects to use in every stage. It's hard to tell when you have to click in nothingness because there are none.

- Clicking on the wrong object means you're game over and you have to start all over from level 1. Starting all over is a big nuisance. Game over is fine, but can I atleast start at the level where I went game over? It's not very obvious where to click either, so you keep going game over because of this.

- Another thing about going game over.. The song in the game starts playing again, through the song that was already playing. Every time you go game over, the songs adds its self through the already playing audio. You might want to change that.

I Got The Cake! :3

Haha, I never thought anyone would actually go and make a game about this! In my opinion it would have been way too hard to make it work as an interactive one-level-game with multiple solutions such as in the thread, where this originated. I see you've decided to create more levels.

Some things you could work on:
- Add a preloader, you can download them from newgrounds if you don't know how to make them.
- It's a short game, but the loading takes pretty long. Lowering the audio quality in flash could solve this.
- The graphics of this game could improve in lots of ways. The levels look weird and out of shape, there are pieces of text everywhere but it looks messy and out of place, objects are moving when they shouldn't be, certain animations don't look too smooth and most of the drawn objects don't look that good either. The cake looks pretty decent though. Be sure to make drawings into symbols, and use layers.
- The gameplay is strange aswell. Sometimes it is very hard to figure out where to click to get anywhere.
- There is no play button, the game starts right as it has loaded. There is no replay button either. I recommend putting those in your game.

Your game making skills aren't bad. In fact, it looks as if you don't quite know how all the drawing tools work, but you made sure the scripting was fine, and that's a good thing. I do highly recommend to improve your drawingskills though.

teammember responds:

i can make a one level multi choice also, just as hard as it was to make this one. maybe easier

i just dont want to

har har =D

Hey pat! I just finished playing the game and it was awesome! I never expected an ending like that with hard mode lol!

This game had the best graphics so far in this series. The music is happy and trancy like always. And there are some changes in the gameplay. Like in mapmode the randomizer had been edited, you'll play 2 games that are automaticly randomized, before hopping to a new spot on the map. The map is smaller because of this, and the game seems really short. But aw well, you can always play it again! =D

Godlimations responds:

hey dude! You're not online anymore, we have to talk more fruity!!! :D I miss those days. keep in touch buddy, thanks for the support bigtime man!

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Good job Random-storykeeper. The composition sounds a little empty at times but it's undeniably good still. I can tell a lot of work went into making this, nice melodies! The piano seems a little cookie-cutter but I do like how it helps make the song feel like a play. To be fair I'm not a big fan of the puns but I can appreciate the fact that you're trying to tell a story. The voice acting is good and I like the character interaction. It all feels like a live performance to me and that's pretty nice. I'm not a big fan of the mix however. The vocals get a little overwhelming, audibly compressing the rest of the song. The vocals also sound like they were recorded with different microphones because they're mixed a little differently and it would have been nice if you played with the panning on both characters. The 8-bit synths were a nice addition to the song, somewhat odd for this setting but for some reason it all worked out.

Pretty good stuff IIAydinIIJewelz123II. The British accent does this song a world of good! If there's anything to criticize it would be the chorus. Not only is the asynchronous singing in ensemble with that wet synth a little wonky, but the lyrics are painfully simplistic. So much so that it ruins all the jokes for me. A shame that is, because I really like how much work went into the verses. The bass also stops playing during the chorus, making it sound like something's missing. The mix and instrumentation are pretty good. The drums and sfx are nice too and I love the arpeggiated bassline. I can tell a lot of work went into this and I think this could be a fantastic song if not for those few details.

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Appreciate the feedback dude! The verses did turn out suprisingly well but the chorus just felt so far out of my element with the vocals, I weren't sure what to do with it. Will definitely focus more effort on the chorus for next time :)

Great stuff cheesymoo, way too short though! The lyrics are a bit ridiculous but something about your voice conveys it so naturally. Very nice! Good vibes and excellent drums. I can't help but feel this song could have been so much more though, especially with the introduction of more instruments as the song progresses.

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Cool, I love the colors and overall design. I'm really curious about the rest of those eyes. Maybe it's because this reminds me of the Legend of Zelda, but I feel these designs could do really well in a videogame. Seeing as they are based on 7 deadly sins, that could be an even bigger incentive.

Love the characters design, especially your take on the guns. This reminds me of @ianmichaelmiller's stuff. I imagine it could make an awesome animation.

linda-mota responds:

holy shit his stuff is amazing @O@ thank you!

Mysteriously Cool

This painting's quite mysterious. It does an outstanding job at portraying a different, more magical world. I like how the background darkness is layered with strokes of a somewhat lighter color. Along with the light colors of green and blue they create a great sense of both depth and atmosphere, which really brings the environment to live. The character that's been portrayed here really adds to the charm of this painting. And to top it off, you added those swirling orbs. While I'm not sure what that big yellow thing is, it adds to the painting pretty nicely.

A description to this painting would have been pretty cool (:

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