My Newgrounds History - 2003

2013-10-21 20:09:00 by Whirlguy

[NEW IN 2003]
I was a real boyscout (or "naive" as Luis called it when I told this at a meet-up) and waited until I was 13 before I signed up to Newgrounds, which was not too long after the redesign where they first got rid of the black background. Another redesign was made a couple of months later. I loved it! Anyway, when I finally was a member, I ended up being a huge pain in the ass for the community. My English was horribly laughable, and I wrote a lot of malicious reviews. At one point they were all deleted from what I remember, and I was banned from reviewing for a few days. I also created my own flashes, looking up to artists like LegendaryFrog and Picanjo, who both were insanely popular at the time. When a cousin of mine showed me Dragonball Infinite, I got really inspired and ended up making the Dragonball Future series (Which I then deleted later on). Then one faithful day, a user named 45288 reviewed me, and I thought his videos were amazing. We started talking on MSN, and he became my first NG buddy. He used some of my pre-2004 audio in his flashes, which I still feel is pretty special to me.

I tried hard but never found Dragonball Future. Wade was the one who deleted it, so I guess it never got a memorial. Here's some old obituaries I managed to find though:

> 2003

My Newgrounds History - 2003


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2013-11-21 12:41:31

Congrats to ten long years of consistant activity! Seems like 2009 might've been the best one? Apart from the early years... Still don't know about the latest two, but these were all interesting to skim through. I'm thinking I might borrow your idea for my anniversary in a few months... though there are a lot of blank spots in my mind. How do you remember all this stuff? Going through post/blog/etc history?

Shame obituaries don't show reviews any longer btw, I had one submission with over a hundred pages of those, would be fun to browse through yet again...

Whirlguy responds:

Haha yeah, you've always been quite the reviewer! It wasn't very hard to remember a lot of these occasions, as they were dear to me, but I would be lying if I said I didn't do any research. I searched through my uploaded images, personal forum posts and blog entries online, and had a couple of backups saved that helped me search for old screenshots, projects files and the like. 2009 was a pretty successful year for me, I agree. It went downhill from there, though I never actually left.


2013-11-21 16:22:34

That's the biggest bravado though, staying here through all those years! I left for RG one year, until that site went down, focused on my own sites another... but the times I have been active I pride myself in extreme dedication. :) Btw, is Catoblepas on that picture from 2009?

Whirlguy responds:

The people in that picture were Scuzzfest, regulargabs, me and Vincoid. Catoblepas was never there when that picture got taken. I met him the day before when we were both aimlessly lurking around the meetup location. I eventually walked up to him and asked "Hey, you're catoblepas, right?" I wasn't sure whether I pronounced his username right, but as luck would have it, neither did he. We didn't hang out for very long, but he told me it was his last day in Amsterdam and asked me for some sightseeing locations. I was a miserable guide lol. The rest of the gang were late for the meetup as they were seeing Watchmen in the cinema. It was longer than they expected, and that's how they screwed up meeting us that day. Someone in that movie had zombie cancer, from what I heard :P


2013-11-21 17:15:54

Ah, good knowing. I was thinking Catoblepas must've changed a lot since 2009 if he was on that picture... thanks for the extended version of the 2009 meet-up tale! Watchmen was a great movie btw.


2013-11-23 10:25:25

Its so weird that you are good friends with lochie. This site is so large yet so small. i speak to him on a daily basis

Whirlguy responds:

Wow really? Say hello from me ;)