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Looking for Voice Actors, Musicians and Sound Designers!

Posted by Whirlguy - March 27th, 2018

The Newgrounds Audio Portal 15th Anniversary project is still in full swing! For those who haven't caught on, NGAPA15 is an audio drama. We've decided to chop the script into 4 different parts and we're aiming to finish part 1 on Pico Day. We already have lots of awesome people on board but we'd love for more people to join us, if only just for a contribution or two! 


Those who join the musicians team find themselves dealing with all sorts of cool challenges, like creating cinematic stuff or theme songs for special characters but also silly stuff like elevator music or breaking news themes and full-blown songs that people will eventually sing to! Here's a preview:

Those who join the voice acting team will find a chance at playing a main character like Pico, Nene or Darnell, but also Newgrounds Bots, other cameos and new original characters. And for those who miss their chance at playing one of the big roles, there's still a lot of wacky extras to play! Here's a preview:

Those who join the sound effects team will bring the story alive with the sounds they produce. Sometimes audio will be simple to create, like a doorbell or something like that. Other times it can get quite epic, creating entire war zones with machine guns, planes and artillery. Here's a preview:



Comments (25)

I would like to join all teams

A fitting username! <3

I can join

Sounds good!

I'd be down to pitch in.

I appreciate it man!

I've contributed music to NG audio portal since 2009. Would love to see how I could contribute!

Sure man!

Sound Effect team please, would love to help bring this to life.

Cool man! Here's a list of sounds to pick from. You can claim anything that hasn't already been picked by someone else.


The list is spreading pretty thin right now. I'll be adding more sounds soon so you have more stuff to choose from.

Hey I'm still on the boat. Just tell me what to do.

Ah, good to know! I've got a list right here:


Just claim any sound you like unless it's already taken by someone else. Like I told SpasmodicNG, the list is pretty small right now so I will be adding more later.

I'd be happy to voice!

Great man! Right now we're casting the roles so if you could drop a demo into the VA thread that would be awesome.

I'm glad support for this project has picked up!
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm too old for a script like this lol, maybe my tune will change after its eventual completion. Getting Gianni on board would be a real ace in the hole ;)

Aww man, I really do hope you change your mind. I'd love to hear your voice here or there! I might sign up to play as an extra myself once I get a better mic, seems like a lot of fun haha.

I really like this idea! Unfortunately, I can't participate right now because I need to prioritize other work, but I will be tickled to see how this comes out.

That's a shame! Would love to have you on board.

If you could give me some details as to what kind of lines I would be saying, I would love to join the voice actors!

Sure, we have an entire script that was written by Newgrounders! A .pdf of the latest version can be found over here:


I just lurked on the SFX sheet. I have a nephew who skates.
If I can get some nice clean recordings, I'll be glad to provide them.
Need to do some tests, I wouldn't like to give you mates some crappy dirty sounds.
I'll confirm this weekend.
Please let me know if those get taken before the weekend.

Cool, I'll mark the skateboard sounds as claimed by yourself then! It would be nice to use your recordings throughout the entire play and not just in scene 4. We can make that happen if you record:

1) Rolling wheels on several surfaces (smooth concrete, damaged concrete, sidewalks, asphalt, etc).
2) Board riding at several speeds (fast rolling, slow rolling, stepping at interval)
3) Several different sounding ollies.
4) Several different noises of a board hitting the brake.
5) Several different sounds of a board being picked up.
6) Several noises of a skateboard clattering to the ground (as if from a failed trick).

Hope you can keep these things in mind when you record the sounds. If not, no harm done! Good luck man.

I'm down to help wherever and if you'd like me, if you're still looking.

Yeah man, welcome aboard!

Hello again mate. The tests are done an I have a couple of examples to show you :

I might be able to reduce the noise a bit more , but that's pretty much the level of quality I could get with my poor man resources :(
If the sounds are not good enough, feel free to turn down my participation. No hard feelings :)
If you think those are acceptable, then I'll go ahead trying to cover all the sounds needed.

Ah, I see. The bitrate does seem very low on this recording. We sadly can't use them as they are. Such a shame too because otherwise I like these recordings a lot! What did you use to record these sounds with?

NP mate. I'll leave the spot free for someone who can deliver better quality results.
All I have available it's my cheap laptop and dynamic mics. Maybe next time ;)

Ah I see! Maybe you feel more comfortable creating sounds digitally in that case? The script involves a couple of robots.

Yo Whirlguy, i'd be keen as to help out on sound effects and/or music

Sounds good!

So, robotic sounds are needed too ?
That may be easier to achieve. Could you give me some details about that ?

Yeah, there's several robots in the story. The reason they're not in the list yet is because these sounds belong to characters that I want to keep consistent (inconsistencies may occur when 5 different people do audio for 1 robot). Therefor I've decided to distribute "roles". As of right now, I have not distributed any roles to contributing users. The reason for this is because I wanted to see everyone's level of skill and dedication before burdening anyone with a task this big.

If you're up for this role, maybe you'd like to audition for A-Bot? I'm specifically interest to hear what you'd come up with for his walk cycle or joint movements. Another role would be a cyborg cat which the script described as making "zipline-like" noises.

If all of that's too much for you, there's still a tinnitus ringing sfx up for grabs. I imagine that one shouldn't be too hard to create!

That sounds very interesting.
I'll give a try to the robot sounds, I'll send you the audition tracks as soon as I can.

happy to help on musicians team :D


Hello again.
I gave a try to the robot sounds ; I had better results with the "zipline cyborg cat" :
I also tried the A-bot walk cycle, but it ended up a bit generic. I'll send it too if you want.
Have a decent tinnitus too, but I forgot to include it.

Let me know what do you think.

Not bad! Sound like some good base sounds for more than just one robot! Personally I'd load in a few of these sounds, throw the pitch up maybe time-stretch, run each of them through a mixer track, add a very low milisecond delay to make it sound more metallic, light chorus, put a highpass filter on there and mess with the timing to see if I could simulate a semi-realistic walking cat with this. You could try this yourself. How did you make these sounds anyway? I'd also love to hear the A-Bot walk and the tinnitus ring.

I forgot to mention on my last message those sounds are indeed base sounds. Those are practically raw, I just added a bit of EQ and slight compression. The sounds were recorded (but this time indoors, unlike the skateboard ones, which makes a huge quality difference). I did those grinding a 5th bass string through a notebook's metal spiral, using a cardboard box below as a resonator. I'll apply your suggestions (and watch my cat closely) to get a decent walk cycle.
I can easily replicate those with the rest of the strings to get variations (If time is not a big problem).
We can also team up to speed up the process ; I can provide the raw recordings and you or any other interested collaborator can do the processing to get the right sound.
Here's a link to what I did with the A.bot walk and the tinnitus :
A-bot was made using a couple of modified electronic perc sounds and a noise/crusher synth.
The tinnitus it's a very high pitched saw/ramp wave made using a subtractive/distortion synth.

Wow, that's impressively inventive! I actually already tried my hand at creating that cybercat walk and found that it's pretty hard to do, so good luck with that haha. I'm not too happy with my attempt but I think I could yield better results if I used more base sounds. I created one cycle and it sounds like this:
Maybe the pitch isn't high enough? I also didn't use any chorus on this because it was a little overwhelming.
That Tinnitus is really good. I added it to our list of sounds. Thanks a lot!

I know what you mean about the A-Bot walk cycle. It's an okay cycle, you definitely have the right thing in mind. What bothers me about it is actually ironic to say, as it sounds very robotic. I guess what we need here is to make it sound more complex and human-like, a little more smooth if you will. I was thinking you should keep his knees in mind but then I realized A-Bot doesn't have any knees:
The thing you made is also very mechanic but not very metalic, if that makes sense.

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