My Newgrounds History - 2013

2013-12-03 17:09:24 by Whirlguy

[NEW IN 2013]

It was still January when Newgrounds released Swivel and changed the lives of every animator on this website. Around the same time I visited Writersblock's page and found out he published a book! He said he'd love it if someone were to make a booktrailer, and so I took the bait. I never had a flash of mine featured on frontpage before in the 9 years of membership, so it was a pretty special moment for me when the finished product did just that. Shane's book very much inspired me to get back to writing myself, so I started fleshing out the concept I had for the comic I wanted to make. This was also the year I pretty much got the hang of actionscript 2.0, and created a whole bunch of experimental little projects. I still have a long way to do, but yeah. Somewhere in October - the 21st to be exact - I hit a 10 year milestone here on NG, and celebrated this occasion with a series of newsposts. Tom made mention of it in a newspost.


Also, here's a fun fact: Newgrounds released a rich-text editor for blogposts today.


Towards the end of 2012 I got restless, as I had not been sufficiently productive for quite some time. While lurking Newgrounds, I found out about Writersblock's book. I bought it, read it, designed some characters, sketched some of the cool scenes from the book and then put all of that together. We set a deadline for the first of June and I missed it by 2 weeks. It took another 2 weeks to get the voice acting done. A month overdue, but it reached frontpage, and hopefully made a lot of sales! I took a break after that, but started messing around with a Halloween-themed game concept during October. It didn't really go anywhere. Actually, I had been messing around with actionscript for the span of the entire year. Some of my favorite experiments included a  bullethell thingy which I made from being inspired by do-don-pachi, and an audio knob (5.7 MB), much like the ones from fruityloops or whatever other digital audio workstation.


In the previous years I had been very private about my creations and it really started to eat me. I decided to drop a few tracks on here, and gradually started to realize that I didn't want my songs to be hidden any longer. The album I've been working on will remain private for now (I should really finish it sometime), but I promised myself to upload other stuff more frequently.




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