°°Suffer°° New Wave Loop
°°Suburbia Funland°° Cinematic Song
°°AIM - Mossy Robo°° Cinematic Song
°°Three Months°° Classic Rock Loop
°°Breaking Free°° Experimental Loop
°°A Loving Hope°° Fusion Song
°°Dagon°° Cinematic Song
CTSG4: Anniversary Edition Cinematic Song

2012 Submissions

°°The Killer's Basement°° Ambient Loop
°°Slow & Hungry°° Miscellaneous Song
°°Sunny Autumn Skies°° Ambient Loop
°°Haunted Village°° Ambient Loop
°°Yeah Yeah Yeah°° Drum N Bass Loop
°°Breaking The Silence°° New Wave Loop
°°Forced To Decide°° Miscellaneous Loop
°°Death Words°° Hip Hop - Modern Loop
°°Dirt°° Drum N Bass Loop
°°Product On The Loose°° Drum N Bass Loop
°°Get Your Stuff Installed°° Dance Loop
°°Sunshine°° New Wave Loop
°°A Shared Christmas°° Brit Pop Loop
°°Impress°° Hip Hop - Modern Song
°°Feel Loved°° New Wave Loop
°°Electronic Genius°° Miscellaneous Song
°°D-Tastic°° Miscellaneous Song
°°Attitude°° Miscellaneous Song
°°The Drain Loop°° New Wave Loop
°°WTHIMI°° Dance Song
°°Do You Say?°° Miscellaneous Song
°°APWWWG(vocal)°° Miscellaneous Song
°°Brinstar Battlebreak°° Video Game Song
°°APWWWG(non-vocal)°° New Wave Song
°°Harmony Loop°° Ambient Loop
°°Experiment 006°° Miscellaneous Loop
°°Experiment 005°° Miscellaneous Loop
°°Rainy Days°° Techno Song
°°New Experience°° Dance Song
°°Lost in Nowhere°° Industrial Song
°°Zelda MC - Picori Festival°° Video Game Loop
°°Experiment 004°° World Song
°°Experiment 003°° New Wave Song
°°Experiment 002°° Miscellaneous Song
°°Experiment 001°° Funk Loop
°°Static(Short)°° General Rock Loop
Whirlguy's Page 1 Medly(50st) Classical Song
In Outer Space Dance Song
trip to other places Miscellaneous Song
Tadalala - JesseStyle Techno Song
Old Drunk General Rock Song
Escape the Problem Dance Loop
Murmel Tournament(Theme) Industrial Song
What's In My Glass? Techno Song
Work with Magic Techno Song
Nothing Like Him Dance Song
You're Crashing Down Classic Rock Song
Amano Yaku Dance Song
I Will Forget New Wave Song
Stars and Snow Pop Song
GoldenSun - Saving the Sailors Video Game Song
Suffer Blues Song
The Same Time, A Year Back Techno Song
Ghostship's Nightly Return Classical Song
The Only One Understanding Me Drum N Bass Song
Zelda ALTTP - Dark World Classical Song
Step Into Another World Industrial Song
Relieved By My Love Ambient Loop
Working In The Mines Techno Song
Playin Alone Techno Song
Streetlife(beverly hills cops) Pop Song
Pain of Leaving New Wave Song
Lots of Weirdos Funk Song
Cool Fires Burning Memories Classic Rock Song
Synth Dimension Trance Song
In A Van Down By The River Funk Song
Horror Music Classical Song
Enter The Matrix Miscellaneous Song
Knock you Out Drum N Bass Song
Super Mario RPG - Mushroom Way Video Game Song
LOTR music Classic Rock Song
Battle For Other's Fun Pop Song
dizzy chocobo Video Game Song
Sad time Trance Song
Empty Place Jazz Song
Milenium Mountain in Concert Classical Loop
Zelda OOT - Castle Garden Video Game Song
Zelda LA - Dungeon 2 Video Game Song
Hurry the bass Drum N Bass Song
Zelda MM - Stone Tower Temple Trance Song
Psychic New Wave Song
Requim of Spirit Trance Song
Golden Sun - Return of Peace Dance Song
Zelda Link's Awaking - Forest Techno Song
Hypersong Video Game Song
Unlimited Hip Hop - Modern Song